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About the author of Watch2Earn

The Road I Started my Journey :
I welcome you all to my watch2earn, Started on 2018 – keeping in mind to support all people to know about the different ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment.

I started my first online business on 2018 (probably I was studying my pre-final year of my college) on Blogspot platform.

The blog was no more, but it had taught me how to start an own business? After I completed my college studies, I went for the job due to family circumstances.

Between them I stopped working online for two years 2016 – 2017 and later, during the early 2018’s February, I registered my first domain watch2earn.

I do not aware about CMS such as WordPress, Blogger’s Blog because I discontinued working online between the two years.

But my passion was not discontinued and it pushed me to learn HTML based web-design. I referred nearly 100’s of books and online resources to learn web-design.

Why Online Home Income?
Most of the people in the world have a dream of living a life with complete financial satisfaction.

"If you don’t find a way to Make Money while you sleep, you will work until you die — By, Warren Buffet"

This made me achieve this stage where I am now making my full-time living by blogging and other online businesses.

In Online Home Income, you can learn about the five successful ways of earning money online without investment.

Making people start from Zero investment to earn 1000’s of dollars was the core mission of our blog.

Summing up :
watch2earn was mainly started to educate every people to get a genuine alternate source of Income and to live a freestyle.

In our Blog, I share my own experiences and share Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tutorial on a most five successful methods of earning money online.

Our Community Blog serves as a dedicated source for finding legitimate online jobs from home.